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Real Hazelnut Mocha

August 1st, 2008 by Michelle | No Comments | Filed in coffee

We’re coffee snobs. After tasting expertly (and lightly!) roasted beans, used within 2 weeks of roasting, and pulled as espresso by a barista who knows how to properly extract it, we were ruined for run-of-the-mill coffee. And yes, run-of-the-mill includes the likes of Starbucks and Peets. Thankfully, there are a number of “third wave” coffee shops near us.

Barefoot Coffee is one of those (and the one that introduced us to just how amazing espresso drinks could really be!). Their baristas are an amazing group. One of them is Paul, who shares our interest in local, seasonal, whole foods and experiments with incorporating them into espresso drinks. We happened to be in the shop one day when he was experimenting with hazelnuts. Lucky us! (more…)