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A Good Grill Grid Lifter

July 31st, 2008 by Michelle | Filed under Ceramic Cooker, Gadget Reviews.

One of the accessories we wanted for our Big Green Egg kamado-style grill was a grill lifter, a gadget to remove a too-hot-to-touch grill to get at the charcoal beneath. We looked at the crooked-stick ones sold by barbeque stores and at the clamp-like one by Big Green Egg. The Big Green Egg one was better than the others, but still a bit wobbly in how it held the grill. Some people buy two of them, but that seemed needlessly expensive. Also, the handles are short, putting your hands close to the hot grill.

Then I saw this grid lifter at Amazon. It was cheaper than the Big Green Egg one and Amazon has a great return policy, so I ordered it. It was, as noted in the comments at Amazon, a different model than pictured there. This is what ours looks like:

It held the grill grid very securely and the handle keeps your hand a good distance from the hot grill. Here’s how it works:

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One Response to “A Good Grill Grid Lifter”

  1. Richard Fl | 29/07/09

    Was searching the internet for skewers to do tandoori on my BGE and found this site. Have a few questions. Thanks.

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