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Cantaloupe from the Garden

August 25th, 2008 by Michelle | Filed under produce.

Cantaloupe on the vine in our garden

We planted cantaloupe this year and now have a nice crop of ripening melons. The motivation was to use them in smoothies, but they are so sweet and syrupy, they usually don’t make it to the blender.

This one is so ripe, syrup is running down the outside:

Whole cantaloupe with syrup dripping down the side

Bowl of cubed cantaloupe

Bowl of cubed cantaloupe

Here’s a quick video on cubing a cantaloupe:

Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this Blip.tv video.

The only danger with growing your own and waiting till the peak of ripeness is that just a few days later, rot may set in and fermented cantaloupe is not so tasty!

2 Responses to “Cantaloupe from the Garden”

  1. mkinla | 6/02/09

    great video (i had no idea how to cut a cantaloupe!) but why is the part with how one removes the seeds edited out?

  2. Michelle | 26/02/09

    I’m impressed you noticed! Pretty cool. Alas, the video from that part of the process was poor quality, so I didn’t include it. If we get a chance to re-film, I’ll add it. The seed part is the softest part of the cantaloupe, you can simply slice them off the wedges or even use a spoon and dig them out from the halves before cutting wedges.

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