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We live in the San Francisco Bay Area and love exploring food. We like knowing where our food is grown and produced and meeting the farmers and ranchers who provide it.

The photo to the right is of a barracuda, freshly caught and then grilled within hours on a beach in Thailand. A good example of what we categorize as Food.

Food and Filler are Ken’s categories. There is also a third category: Not Food. It’s a highly subjective, opinionated, not necessarily consistent classification, mostly in fun.

Food is usually food that is not too far processed from its original form, using methods most people could do (e.g. not factory processing). It’s food prepared to emphasize taste and balance of flavors and aroma. It’s slow food. The flavors make you stop and savor the food.

Filler is usually food that could be Food if it was selected and prepared more carefully and with more attention to proper cooking and spicing. A taqueria usually serves Filler. A good taqueria would serve Food.

Not Food is usually food that uses a factory to produce some of the ingredients. Most food at fast food restaurants and almost everything in the center aisles of supermarkets would be Not Food.

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